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Peter De Maegd biography 


Peter De Maegd is an independent film producer who focus on the new opportunities of the converging media.

Over the last decade, Peter was involved in the production and marketing of over a dozen feature films. With his company Potemkino he focused on innovative projects and formats like Where is Gary?, Miss Homeless and Jean wordt Vlaming. These experiences, the partnership with Caviar Films and 7 broadcasters resulted in the participative drama series The Spiral. Peter is the producer and story architect of The Spiral which was simultaneously broadcast in 8 countries and invited the audience to experience the story on  tv, online and in reality. Peter gives lectures on storytelling for the converged media.


Potemkino company profile

Potemkino focusses on innovative storytelling and financing. We connect the potential of the internet to the traditional narrative formats of film and TV (fiction, animation & documentary).

This ambitious vision is put into practice by a strong pan-European team of experienced storytellers and experts in film, tv, games, social media and apps for tablets and mobile. We focus on inventive storytelling techniques combined with innovative financing strategies.

Just like cinema a century ago, the convergence media offers exiting opportunities for 21st century storytelling and audience involvement. Potemkino’s course is aimed at these opportunities.



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