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Miss Homeless – homeless cinema premiere on Oct 17th

July 20, 2010

On October 17th, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, the film Miss Homeless will have its premiere during the International Film Festival in Ghent, Belgium.

The premiere will be held on a square under the open sky, a ‘homeless cinema premiere’. This event is set up as an act of solidarity with the homeless because October 17th is their day, because the winter is coming and because 2010 is the European Year for combating poverty and social exclusion.

But this event can be organised anywhere in Belgium, Europe or in the world. We invite all organisations working with homeless people or combating social exclusion to organise their own ‘homeless cinema premiere’ in their city or neighbourhood. The event can help to create awareness, to recruit new volunteers and just have a great evening of solidarity.

It’s easy to organise: find a white wall or use a white banner and just aim a projector at it. We send you the film for free if you subscribe with your organisation on

The film

An American actress decides to live amongst the homeless of Brussels in order to get the lead in the movie of her husband. When things go wrong she ends up in the unique Miss Homeless pageant of Brussels.

Miss Homeless is a docu-fiction, black comedy. Most of the actors are homeless who improvised scenes taken from their real life. The film portrays women struggling in the margin of society and their fight to be heard in a world that doesn’t seem to care.

Daniel Lambo wrote, directed, edited and produced the no-budget film.

The premiere

The premiere of the film offers to all organisations an opportunity to set up a socio-cultural event aimed not only at the homeless people, but also reaching out to a broad audience. Everyone is invite to the premiere under the open sky. It is an act of solidarity and of support on this international day against poverty. And why not use the occasion to raise money or recruit volunteers?

The filmmakers want to emphasize the social dimension of the film by providing Miss Homeless to all organisations active around the subject of the film. The film can be used to strengthen the organisations in a positive, entertaining and cultural context.

This initiative is based on ‘community empowerment’, a method applied by the Obama-campaign. Internet also played a central role in his campaign, and so it does for this project.

The website is the central hub of the project. All events related to the premiere of the film are accessible here. Everyone who hears about the film through the press or social media, can see if something is organised in their town or neighbourhood.

To amplify the impact of the premieres and to make communication more efficient, we want to build a community around the website.

You can also participate on various levels. Do you want to set up a premiere yourself or contribute in any other way? Let us know. Or simply become a friend on Facebook, stay tuned and maybe meet other friends.

The goal

Miss Homeless wants to contribute to create awareness about social exclusion.

Thanks to the events, the organisations get themselves and their issues in the media spotlight in a positive way.

Thanks to the internet, the organisations, ‘communities’, can get in touch with each other.

This new network can creates a strong dynamic that might result  into new projects.

About the filmmaker:

Daniel Lambo (Lambo Films) is a social engaged filmmaker who explores the boundaries of filmmaking. His first short film Dju! won the audience and jury award at Belgium’s most renowned shortfilm festival. Three more shorts followed, each building a strong festival career. His middlelong film Brusilia premiered at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival in 2008. Daniel is currently working on two feature films with the support of the Flemish film fund and is directing Duts, a comedy series for our national broadcaster.


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